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For my perspectives, this can be broken down into four categories:
Brief Therapy



Depth PsychotherapyContemporary Relational Analysis



Brief therapy can be seen as approximately 6 sessions. The approach, by necessity of the number of sessions, is a relatively quick approach to finding a solution to particular problems.

The person would have a generally sufficient coping ability with life previously but with the need to address recent specific problems that require insights and assistance with the related adjustments.

Although brief (and operating at cognitive and where necesssary behavioural levels of therapy as in the CBT approach) it can often at times also provide a wider and deeper level of understandings and linking of ideas.

Frequency: weekly is recommended.


This might be described as between approximately 6 & 24 sessions.

This too is an opportunity to talk through specific problems but with more time for careful contemplation on the issues and some further insights into any underlying issues.

Frequency: weekly is usually recommended.

Some feel that fortnighly suits better their particular requirements.


If one's issues have been long standing, or even long standing from childhood ~ a longer term is usually required with a more analytical approach, and for more time (one year or more) to develop aspects of self awareness and to develop the capacity for ongoing self-reflection. With this longer time span, one is invited to tell one's story ~ about one's life in the present and in the past ~ in more detail than was possible before. This is done with the assistance of a supportive therapist who will help one make more sense of these matters ~ in order to resolve confusing, uncompleted or stressful matters ~ alongside also finding and sharing positive ones that may be brought to light and developed further. In psychotherapy the attachment approach is further expanded from the inner search, to include further 'ongoing reflection and awareness in regards to the relationship of self and others' ~ this includes the relevant issues in one's developmental history (from early through to more recent developments), and of course in regards to the various concerns in one's current life situation. This longer term approach gains further intellectual insights (cognitive understanding about), and more importantly further emotional and relational insights in regards to underlying current issues, as well as ones from childhood or even aspects of early childhood. These matters take time to unravel and are regarded as an ongoing process. This is moving towards a more integrated inner knowledge about oneself ~ and thus the aim is to achieve awareness at a deeper experiential level into one's emotional and relational issues. This is not something to be too anxious of at all, for I am fully committed to the support of the person in their current life issues, and also the child as-it-were of one's past. My approach is to provide a supportive and facilitating nurturing attachment-style atmosphere for one's own growth ~ with a development that is led from one's own pace. As can be seen, the attachment approach to psychotherapy is conducted on an interpersonal level.

As I have indicated elsewhere, this is a co-operative adventure in the spirit of the provision of a safe environment and atmosphere, in which to discover oneself at one's own speed ~ that is at a pace of one's own time and making.

Frequency: weekly is recommended.

After a significant period of time, variations may be employed, such as fortnightly sessions ~ in order to suit one's ongoing changing requirements and needs. Some clients after gaining satisfactory developments from the therapy, have continued for a while with monthly visits.


This is the same as psychotherapy but with a sense of the need to be extra painstakingly thorough and patient, in order to address the unfolding of potentially deeper seated issues that might be underlying some psychological, emotional and relational problems, and this is often conducted on a longer term basis. This is provided at a pace that is entirely manageable, and hence the longer time period, and at a pace that is sensitively and carefully promoting integration and inner harmony.

As with psychotherapy, it is not just that some issues are more deep seated, but also more can be achieved when therapy is conducted over a longer period of time ~ where the processing of matters has the opportunity to be wider ranging and more rounded. Many such issues that might be engaged in this work have been understood by psychologists, psychotherapists and philosophers to be underlying subtrates that exist in all people in varying degrees.

Frequency: weekly/twice weekly is recommended.

& Purpose of the Therapy

It is an opportunity for self-development
in very many different ways

In a simple structure but less compartmentalised one, one might understand the separation of therapy as seen here into four provisional categories, as depicting potentially lighter to deeper levels of the work ~ depending of course on what is required. This would be related to the level or seriousness of the issues that are considered by the client and therapist together as in need of addressing. But ultimately, in my approach to therapy, it is always the client who must decide for themselves what therapy they want, and how much they want.

As I have said in another part of the website, therapy can be provided in regard to what is seen as appropriate for one's particular needs and situation, and also of course accordingly to what one hopes for/desires to achieve in life.

The therapy can faciliate one's capacities to manage life, to process issues both inwardly and interpersonally, and these matters can continue to improve over time througout the therapy.

After the therapy, and in line with the intended aims of the therapy, these developments will continue to faciliate one's life ~ as a person, socially and in one's endeavours.

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